Make a Pizza for the Birds

Making food for the wildlife local to you is always rewarding - though do make sure you get clued up on what to feed each species (for example, you must never feed a hedgehog milk but do leave water out especially during a dry spell).

Bird feeding can be fun all year round - and is a great way to tempt nature nearer. We love making mini pizza mud pies and decorating them with seeds, real, nuts and berries. Bird pizzas! 

Place these culinary delighted in strategic locations in your garden or on a balcony or window sill, and wait - and watch - just try not to frighten the birds away with your cheers as they hop onto your hand-crafted delicacies…

The goldfinches are in our garden this month - joining the noisy sparrows and sweet wrens on our fennel seed heads. What birds are visiting you this Autumn?