Let’s go on an autumn sensory scavenger hunt!

Why not put a bag of chestnuts to creative use this autumn and have fun seeking nature treasures that match the adjectives.

Use a white pen to write a descriptive word onto each chestnut. Pop them all into a small bag (we repurposed one of our jute sacks) and take on a walk with the kids. Each child should close their eyes and pick out a random chestnut - then go and find an object that matches the description!

Tickly feathers, spiky teasels, smelly guelder rose berries, slimy slugs - it’s a super activity for language development and sensory fun as well as being perfect for children of all ages. As the weather gets cooler it can be a useful way to keep the enthusiasm for a walk outdoors going a little longer too…

Of course, you don’t have use chestnuts - but dipping your hand into a bag filled with them is a sensory experience in itself, and once you’re back home they make a delicious campfire treat!