Barefoot Walking

When was the last time you walked barefoot? Whether through warm sand or tall grass, over smooth pebbles or even in squelchy mud - walking barefoot offers a glorious, sensory experience and, as it turns out, it’s *really* good for our bodies too!

Here’s why:

🌾Our feet are full of nerve endings which, when stimulated by walking barefoot, can in turn invigorate our entire nervous system.

🌾Going barefoot can help us feel more connected to our surroundings - it's a great way to get children engaged and alert to the natural environment.

🌾Walking barefoot strengthens children’s lower legs, joints and feet - and in turn helps with mobility and stability, lowering the risk of injury in later life.

🌾Studies have shown that children who frequently walk barefoot benefit from increased motor skills and are better at jumping and balancing.

Children seem to know instinctively what’s good for them - often it’s we adults who need reminding! It can’t just be me who winces whilst watching their child running over a gravel path or wading through an icy river - yet those little feet are experiencing, connecting, grounding and growing stronger - so let’s all kick off our shoes more often and join in the fun!