Hero Retailers

We want give a huge shout-out to our team of incredible retailers, weathering this Covid-19 storm by adopting new working practises and adapting to the ‘new normal’ (children in tow) with amazing resilience and Herculean effort - despite many being forced to close their physical shop doors.

Such unprecedented times will spell disaster for many businesses. Now is the time to show our country’s independent shop owners some support. We can do this in lots of different ways - even on a small budget:

  • Like, comment and share posts: most independent shops are on social media as it’s a great way to get their brand noticed. By simply engaging with their posts - a quick like, comment, share - you’ll help them get their shop in front of even more people.
  • Recommend to friends and family: word of mouth is a tremendous way to spread the word about a business and their products. Customers trust other customers - even those they don’t know.
  • Leave a positive review: It can be hard to ask for these, but they really do mean an awful lot. Whether it be on the shop website or on social media - if you like what they do, and what they sell, pass on your thoughts! It can be really helpful and reassuring for other potential customers too.
  • Sign up the the newsletter: These can be a really great way to stay up to date with new products, discounts and other perks - so help a small business grow their email database by signing up.
  • Write a message: There’s nothing a small business loves more than hearing from a happy customer. A personal message gets passed around, perking up the whole (small) team and keeping them going. Take the time to spread some joy.
  • Buy from them: It’s obvious really, but even on a small budget, consider spending your money with independent and small boutique shops, rather than the superstores. Without customers spending with them during these difficult months, these quirky independents won’t be able to keep going - your money means more to them than a huge international brand. Think small!

Our team of extraordinary retailers curate their shelves (online or otherwise) personally and with great care and knowledge of their customers. You can expect great customer service and a human at the end of the line. You can also close your eyes and imagine the dance of joy they’ll be doing when another order pings in. We know that happens, because it happens here too.

So let’s celebrate the great independent shops we’re lucky to know! They include the terrific trio of businesses mentioned here - check out their wares and follow their social media accounts, we promise you’ll be glad you did!

THANK YOU our lovely shop owners - we couldn’t keep going without you.


"We like to think that Mr Wolf is a toy store where "Little imaginations grow wild", so what better product is there than the Den Kit to do just this!  Den kits make the perfect gift for any kids with a love of the outdoors and are often bought as a family gift for the whole family to enjoy, very few other products fit this brief.   As parents of two girls, 5 and 11, we love our Den Kit.  Plus there are very few toys or games in our playroom that both girls love to do together.  We make special memories in ours and we're sure it'll be one of those things that our girls remember playing with for the rest of their lives.  Happy "Den Kit" Days x"


"I like to help people find the right present for anyone. The wonderfully original Den Kits are always a smash hit. I’ve been sent countless happy messages and photos from clients who are so thrilled that their children want to monkey about outside!" 


"We stock Den Kits as we want children to enjoy nature and the great outdoors, and what better way than with these amazing kits, perfect to have fun and get outside".