How to help your child with anxiety

"Anxiety in children is on the increase, with as many as 9.4% of children aged between 3 and 17 being diagnosed with the condition between the period of 2016-2019. With the impact of Covid-19, it is likely that these figures are now a lot higher. Anxiety can manifest itself in many ways, including excessive clinginess, bedwetting, and even phobias, but it's not irreversible. An active lifestyle and healthy eating, not only promote good physical health but are vital for a healthy mind too. Exercise increases self-confidence improves the quality of sleep and reduces anxiety. Increasing the activity levels of our children does not have to mean signing up for expensive fitness club memberships, or spending hours running laps of a nearby field, play is a brilliant activity inducer!  Check out the full article on the Good Play Guide to see how Den Kits help promote well-being and get more great advice to support your children's mental health through play."