Summer mud pies

How about this? A summer pie in a pot!  A group of my young neighbours came up with this idea and I love it.

Using an old kitchen cooking pot or food container, create your own summer mud pie by first filling your pot with mud and then decorating the top with anything interesting and natural that you can find?  Discover those woodland or garden summertime colours and textures and use your creative imagination to include them in your pie. Try sticks, stones, petals, leaves, feathers, pinecones and other natural materials. Enjoy creating patterns and shapes with the simplest of objects.

Stand back and look at the effect. What at first might seem to be a simple shaped leaf or a plain sandy stone, will come to life as you arrange it thoughtfully amongst other ‘treasures’ in your summertime pie. You’ll soon create some surprisingly clever and attractive effects. Does your design have a name? - Wolf pie? Mudlicious? Sunstew?

Where might you display your ‘pie in a pot’?   On the front doorstep for visitors to admire or as the centre piece of a garden picnic table or you might even place it as a door stop to hold open a door on warm sunny days.

Summer Mud Pies

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