Colours in Nature

The sight of a rainbow is always cause for awe and wonder, and especially relevant at the moment as we pay tribute to our National Health Service with this natural, stunning symbol of hope and inclusion. As we enter into June we are bathed in a rainbow of colours in nature.

A lovely, mindful and favourite activity to do with children of any age (I count myself as a very mature child!), is to go on a hunt for colours in nature, and display in a line of different hues. Younger children will find it easy to do, and older children can order or group the colours - or perhaps display them as a rainbow.

You need:

  1. A strip of cardboard - around standard ruler size. I used the inside of a new tissue box (note for a rainbow design, you’ll need a larger piece of card).
  2. Some sticky tape. Double sided is easiest but folder over (stick side out) works perfectly well.

Just stick the tape along the length of the cardboard and then go hunting. Take a little pinch of colour and stick it down onto the tape. Can you find every colour of the rainbow? How many different shades of a colour can you find?

This activity provokes a host of enquiry and enables children to look closely, to ‘see’, to query and to hypothesise. It also provides a heart-warming, happy-making serotonin boost for everyone.


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