Leaf Printing

This leaf printing activity is both simple and satisfying, you just need clay, a few leaves and paints.

First, collect some leaves - we selected 3 to 4 different varieties to add interest. Hazel leaves work particularly well for this project.

Roll out the clay big enough for your leaf.

Lay your leaf onto the clay then, using a rolling pin or empty jam jar, gently roll over it pressing the leaf into the clay. Make sure you get all the edges and the stem.

Carefully peel the leaf from the clay to reveal the oh-so-satisfying imprint of its skeleton.

Leave the clay to dry and you’re finished! They are stunning as they are or you can go on to decorate them with paint.

Once you’ve produced a collection, you can compare and contrast the different shapes and sizes and see if the children can identify which leaf came from which tree. This is a lovely, engaging way to remember a family walk.