Magical Hocus Pocus Potion Recipe

Halloween is quickly approaching and we have the perfect potion recipe to get you feeling all magical! Potion making is a great activity for Halloween parties or as an at-home activity with the kids. 

Hocus Pocus Potion Recipe


Dragon Tears (Water)

Ingots of Sparkle

Fragments of Blue

Happiness Essence (Turmeric Powder)

Fallen Rose Petals


Slime Pips

Dust of Forest

Fizz Powder

Ancient Swamp Juice (Vinegar)



Imagine what you want your potion’s power to be.

Fill your vessel with Dragon Tears.

Add a sprinkle of Ingots of Sparkle, a pinch of Fragments of Blue and a teaspoon of Happiness Essence and mix well.

Crush in a pinch of Fallen Rose Petals and a dash of Rosemary.

Add in a tablespoon of Slime Pips and stir.

Finally, add Dust of Forest, a spoonful of Fizz Powder and a splash of Ancient Swamp Juice.

When the potion begins to fizz, chant ‘Hocus Pocus’ 3 times and wave your wand (or your hand) over the top.

Pour your potion into the bottle and don’t forget to label it!

Use as needed to make a wish. *But don’t drink it or you might turn into a troll!