Nature Confetti

Working from home during half term can be a test of juggling skills for parents - especially when your children are at pre-school age. This is a useful little play prompt to help absorb young children if a little bit of headspace is required…



A quick tour around the garden to collect petals and leaves, seed heads and moss - pop into a tub or bowl and offer a pair of scissors and spoon. Our youngest hasn’t quite mastered cutting with scissors, so it takes huge concentration - you can almost see the physical and mental synapses connecting as she tries.

The smell of the sage, rosemary, fennel and mint leaves was glorious, and there’s still so much colour in the garden. These simple play invitations often turn into a new game, as the child’s imagination kicks in - and the key really is to step away and let them explore the textures, scents and ideas that they evoke.

Once over, we tipped into the compose heap and discussed how pleased the worms would be with their delicious nature confetti.