New Year, New Adventure! Make Getting Outside with Your Kids Your New Year's Resolution


As we step into a new year, many of us are busy crafting resolutions aimed at improving our lives. While health and fitness goals often take centre stage. This year, why not consider a resolution that not only benefits you but also strengthens the bonds with your family. Why not make getting outside with your kids a priority? Embracing the great outdoors, even in the chillier months, can be a transformative experience with numerous benefits for both parents and children.


The Cold Weather Connection:

The winter season often tempts us to hibernate indoors, wrapped in blankets and sipping hot chocolate. However, stepping outside, even in the cold, has its own set of wonderful rewards. Winter outdoor activities can include everything from building dens to nature walks in a frost-kissed landscape. The crisp air invigorates the senses and provides a welcome change of scenery, offering a break from the monotony of indoor routines.


Health and Well-being:

Engaging in outdoor activities, regardless of the weather, contributes significantly to physical and mental well-being. The winter air can be refreshing, and exposure to natural light helps regulate sleep patterns, improve mood, and boost Vitamin D levels. Additionally, physical activities provide an excellent cardiovascular workout for both children and adults.


Strengthening Family Bonds:

Getting outside with your kids creates opportunities for quality family time that can be so hard to come by in our modern, screen-based, busy lives. Doing more outdoor activities together fosters a sense of connection and strengthens family bonds. The great outdoors provides a canvas for creating lasting memories that go beyond the confines of indoor activities.


Encouraging Creativity and Imagination:

Nature is an incredibly powerful catalyst for sparking creativity and stimulating the imagination. Winter landscapes transform into magical realms for children, offering endless possibilities for imaginative play. From pretending to be arctic explorers to creating winter-themed art projects, the outdoors become a canvas for creative expression.


Building Resilience:

Exposing children to the elements, including cold weather, helps build resilience and adaptability. Learning to navigate different weather conditions fosters a sense of independence and resourcefulness in kids. It also teaches them to appreciate the beauty of each season and find joy in outdoor exploration, regardless of the temperature.


Practical Tips for Embracing the Outdoors in Winter:

  1. Layer Up: Ensure everyone is dressed up warm so that you can stay out for as long as you’d like without getting cold
  2. Stay Hydrated: Cold weather can be deceptively dehydrating. Encourage regular water breaks during outdoor activities.
  3. Plan Easy Activities: We suggest planning a couple of simple activities to keep little ones entertained and avoid the inevitable ‘I’m bored’ comments!


This year, consider making a resolution that not only benefits your family's health but also brings you closer together. Embracing the great outdoors, even in the cold, offers a myriad of benefits that extend beyond physical well-being. From building resilience to fostering creativity and strengthening family bonds, the positive impacts of outdoor activities are immeasurable. So, bundle up, step outside, and embark on a winter adventure with your kids – it might just become your favourite resolution yet!