Spirit of Christmas Fair - Olympia 1-7th November 2021

After a long and occasionally stressful 18 months running a business through the pandemic it is hard to quantify how wonderful it was to be exhibiting at The Spirit of Christmas Fair again. 

As many small business owners will know, as your brand grows you end up doing less and less of the things you love - making up our kits in my case (I always thought of the child who would one day open up their parcel) - and more and more of the aspects of the business you neither love nor feel particularly adept at (think spread sheets!). 

To be able to have a week out of the office, meeting and talking to our customers, sharing our new products and listening to their enthusiasm and kind words was a glorious reminder of why we do what we do. We met so many people who had purchased a den kit from us years ago and took the time to come and tell us that their child, grandchild, nephew, niece had thought it was the best present ever! Lovely customers who brought their friends and showed them our collection, returnees looking for the new kits to add to the ones they already had and children stopping by to tell us which den kit they played with. 

Seeing our kits once again through the eyes of our customers has refreshed my love for our brand, renewed my commitment to offering children the best products for play and allowed a valuable step off the incessant treadmill that can take over a little if you’re not careful.

We are so lucky to be able to sell something that we created, are proud of and that we know in our hearts children will love.

Thanks to @spiritfairs, our production team holding the fort back at Den Kit HQ and to each and every customer who visited stand N80 over the past week - we hope those parcels under the tree this year will bring many hours of adventure!