Spring colours - an alternative treasure hunt.

This is a lovely spring day activity to keep your children outside in the garden after school, at the weekend or even on holiday.
It can be adapted to suit the age of your child/ren or even for a rainy day - it’s all about celebrating and discovering the colours of springtime.
Activity 1 - a colour hunt: 
Paint a chart of spring colours that you can see in your garden - leaving space in between each colour and along the edges.
Try to paint different shades of the same colour - three greens etc to make the task more of a challenge.
Give a colour chart to each child and them send them out into the garden or park to see if they can match the colours in nature.
Activity 2 - a colour mixing adventure:
Ask the children to collect little ‘nibbles’ of different coloured flowers and leaves and see if they can mix the colours to match and make their own spring colour chart.
You can extend this activity by suggesting they try and paint every shade of colour they can find in one flower head or leaf. Watercolour paints are ideal as you can mix every colour under the sun!
Offer a white plate or pallet for mixing so they can control the colours.
What a joy to discover learn that there are so many different colours and shades in a green leaf - this level of observation is a wonderful skill to help budding young artists learn.
Here’s to a colourful, sunshine-filled spring!