Stick Christmas Tree Decorations

“I’m not a stick, why can’t you see? I’m Stick-Tree, I’m Stick-Tree, I’m Stick-Tree, that’s me!”

This is a fun festive craft that everyone can get involved making. You could add them to the Christmas tree or furnish an evergreen branch and hang it indoors like a mobile - bringing nature indoors and scenting your home.

We started this activity much like every other - with a walk to forage for the right sort of sticks (straight-ish, not too snappy, the length of our forearm) and any feathers, berries or other colourful objects that caught our eye.

Once back at the table, you need to cut or snap the sticks to make a triangular tree shape and a shorter trunk. We used a glue gun to fix the frame together and once they were dry we wound some recycled string and wound it round the frame in different patterns.

You are then free to choose how to decorate your trees - stick or weave your chosen additions to make a collection of beautiful, unique trees. A short piece of twine adds the hanging loop - and you’re done!

If these small trees are a bit fiddly for the children in your life, how about making one larger one as a tree-shaped nature loom?

We love these sort of mindful activities - they’re festive without feeling too forced and a happy way to pass time together at the kitchen table.