The Brand & Lifestyle Licensing Awards 2020

Unless you’re in the brand licensing industry, you’d be forgiven for not having heard of the Brand and Lifestyle Licensing Awards. You’ll probably know the majority of finalists however - including Spode, Farrow & Ball, Liberty London, UNIQLO and Unilever.
Last night, from the comfort of our respective kitchens, we watched in pride, as we saw our own beloved brand stand side by side to these high hitters, and (to our astonishment) scoop the award for Best Brand Licensed Children’s Product for our National Trust Nature Hideaway Kit.
The kit, produced in collaboration and under license with the wonderful National Trust, was designed to help overcome the disconnect between children and the natural world that has come about with the growth of screen-based toys - an ambition that remains central to every one of our kits.
Our team started our work day with a toast after The Brand & Lifestyle Licensing Awards 2020
  1. So we started our work day this morning with a toast on behalf of small businesses and brands everywhere - to having a great idea, to self belief, to picking yourself off the ground and persevering, to aiming high, retaining integrity and to supporting one another through it all. This journey is getting ever more exciting..
  2. We also ate mince pies from our local deli, which were Game Changers @vandoesburg's