About us

With roots in teaching and Forest School, our goal is to get children outdoors.

More about us

The Den Kit Company began with the seed of an idea, planted and tended by Kay and Jo who as mothers, primary school teachers and Forest School Practitioners, are both passionate advocates of outdoor play.

Inspiring Growth

As the company has grown, so has the team behind it - each one with a vital role in maintaining the integrity of our vision: To inspire wonder and intrigue in the next generation through creative, fun and unprescribed outdoor play.

Our Den Kits were designed to encourage children outside - whether a tiny backyard, on top of a hill, in a meadow, field, forest, beach or balcony. The promise of a hand-crafted space in which to set up a temporary retreat is tempting to children (and adults) of all ages, and with little or no previous den-building experience. No single-use-plastic, no batteries, no complicated instructions - this is inclusive, simple, unadulterated fun.

Denkit and wooden mallet

We are now a thriving rural business, based in an old dairy surrounded by farmland and woods that offer the ideal backdrop to our photoshoots. Our products are all designed by us, tested by our expert team of young dengineers, sourced with sustainability in mind and assembled in our workshop here in Shropshire.

Adventure, It’s in our nature.

So now that we’ve told you about us, we think it’s about time you got started creating your own adventures.
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