The Ed Stafford Shelter Kit


Not all classrooms have four walls. 

How to keep tweens happy, healthy and learning throughout lockdown - without relying on screens? Our children need vitamin ’n’ like never before - exposure to nature, sunshine and dirt - to reignite their creativity, test their ingenuity and provide a boost to their immune systems and emotional resilience.

Our Shelter Kit, designed in partnership with the inspirational survivalist Ed Stafford, was designed with this age-group in mind. Using professional-grade components, this is our most versatile, robust kit yet - capable of providing shelter for an overnight sleep-out under the stars, a picnic in the sun, a sanctuary, a toolkit for learning new skills and a multitude of adventures in the future.

As parents and teachers ourselves, we want to help help combat lockdown boredom and to get children outside where possible, to benefit and learn from a connection with nature. To enable even more children to share the joy of outdoor adventure, we’re offering £10 off our amazing Ed Stafford Shelter Kit, until the end of lockdown.

The Ed Stafford Shelter Kit - the perfect lockdown adventure.

To learn more, watch this lovely video here -


  • A handy cotton duffle bag with drawstring top - large enough for shelter building essentials, and anything else your adventure needs.
  • A generous, high quality woven fly sheet, with eyelets 3x3m.
  • A robust, rot and waterproof groundsheet to enable any-weather adventuring. Approx size 1.8x2.4m.
  • A hardwearing and beautiful mallet, hand-made by us from Shropshire coppiced wood.
  • 4 useful elastic ball bungees, for use as an alternative to cordage in shelter-building.
  • Similar to Ed Stafford’s own iconic headwear, this cap in beige cotton is subtly embroidered with Ed’s own brand symbol and ready to wear. One size, with brass clip to adjust according to head circumference.
  • An illustrated collection of top tips, advice and insights written by Ed Stafford himself, cleverly folded to keep safe or put on the wall.
  • 22m of high quality paracord, ready to be cut into lengths (and ends sealed) according to need.
  • 8 steel tent pegs, made in the UK.
  • A cotton bag large enough to keep tent pegs safe, plus collect other useful objects such as tinder or natural cordage.
  • For ideas from Ed himself on how to erect this shelter go to :
    Warning!  Not suitable for children under 3 years. Long cordage and small parts.  Strangulation and choking hazards. Functional sharp points.  Recommended for age 10+

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