Fairy Gardens

I wasn’t going to share this photo for this nature-inspired activity prompt. I was actually going to re-make our ‘fairy garden’ after my daughter had gone to bed last night, so that it looked perfect - complete with a precious little fairy swing, maybe a rope bridge or a tree-house.

Instead I had a word with myself. Instead I’m sharing the glorious, messy, unscripted reality of a three year old’s imagination, inspired by the natural materials we collected together and arranged just as *she* wanted.

We started with a walk around the garden, on the hunt for anything that caught our eye - keeping fairies in mind and occasionally spotting one. We put our collection in a basket and foraged in the garage for a builder’s tray. A very black sky and the first few massive drops of rain forced us indoors and we discussed how fairies hide under big umbrella trees so they don’t get wet.

I drank a full two mugs of tea as she played. On and on went the chatter, explaining as she arranged the treasures. I was totally redundant - not needed even to respond, as I watched my daughter fall into that magic zone where the absorption is total and there’s nothing to do but watch and marvel.

Here on social media we’ve access to a million-and-one beautifully executed and inspiring projects to entertain, engage and educate our children. It’s fabulous. But amongst all the insta-worthiness let’s not forget to celebrate the journey rather than a perfect (parent-made) end result.

The fairies don’t mind, either way.