Nature Weaving

A beautiful and satisfying way to display natural autumnal treasures is by weaving a nature loom. Weaving is an ancient craft; the interlacing of two sets of threads to produce cloth - a visually pleasing combination of colours and textures.

Each attempt will produce a unique result, reflective of the time of year, the location of the items collected and the creativity of the weaver.

Older children can practise lashing and knots to make the loom frame out of four sturdy sticks (bendy ones aren’t much cop for this activity) and some gardening twine or wool. Younger children may need some help with the fiddly bit, but can help to collect and weave the grasses, leaves, seaweed and whatever else catches their eye.

This nature loom was woven after a magical hour foraging on the foreshore of an estuary in Pembrokeshire. A tranquil walk captured in beautiful form - a celebration of a seasonal moment in time.

Well crafted looms can be reused another day - why not save it and create a winter version in a couple of months time?