Den Kit HQ is open. Orders are being assembled, wrapped and shipped.

We are a small team, working remotely, with only members of the same household fulfilling orders at our workshop. We are following stringent procedures that have been proven to be effective at reducing transmission, to protect our staff and customers.

Many, many parents and carers of children around the UK are seeking ways in which to entertain, amuse, occupy and educate their children - keeping them happy, healthy and safe.

Spring has arrived, and we know that sunlight and fresh air will help to maintain a healthy immune system, as well as provide a boost to our mental health. Our products are versatile enough to be used in backyards, gardens, woodland, fields and even on a balcony, whilst we adhere to a national lockdown. They are reusable - robust enough to cope with years of (mis)use. They encourage open-ended, creative play. Without adult intervention (cup of hot tea, anyone?) children will learn valuable skills, and siblings can join in at any age.

Whilst we have stock, our fabulous mail service remains open, and the Government allow it, we will continue to supply our kits via our website and share the joy of (home-based) outdoor adventure.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your ongoing support.