Egg Box Blooms

This brightly-coloured arrangement is sure to cheer up any tabletop or shelf, and is such fun to create!
You’ll need an egg box, some paints and a brush, eggs, some play dough or bluetack and a variety of seasonal blooms.
First up in the decoration of the egg box. The lid can be torn or cut off, you only need the bumpy egg container. Paint the container any colour desired - that’s entirely up to the child - the brighter the better, unless you use your blooms to inspire a spring theme.
Whilst this dries, you need to make your egg vases. Take the top off a raw egg - we used a knife to create a crack (I took over at this point but older children might manage the job). You don’t want to crack your eggs in the middle as you’d normally do, as your vase will be very shallow. We saved our eggs for a lovely lunch of scrambled egg on toast, and washed the hollow eggs before painting.
You can now decorate your empty eggshells. Handle them carefully as they’ll be pretty fragile. Younger children might be more confident if you place the egg shells in the egg container for painting.
Decorating empty eggshells
Once you have dried, decorated eggs and a dried, decorated container, you can pour a little water in each one and pop a pretty bloom in to complete your display.
There you have it - a table display any child would be proud of, and an hour or two of creative fun to boot. Ours lasted 4 days before some of the flowers started to wilt - we’re going to replace with some wet tissue/kitchen roll and cress seeds for a new edible display.