Wheatgrass Containers

We’ve talked about flowers as a way to decorate your table, but for a fresh and fun approach to a centrepiece why not celebrate in shades of green, and grow your own wheatgrass?
The newly sprouted first leaves of the common wheat plant, wheatgrass is a fast growing crop that has become fashionable as a healthy food, drink or dietary supplement. We’ve tried it and can’t vouch for the taste - but grown indoors within a section of shallow bowls and cups, we think it makes a vibrant and original table arrangement!
You’ll need wheatgrass seeds, a few choice containers and compost/potting soil.
First, put a layer of compost in your container - remembering that the seeds aren’t buried into the soil (they grow on the top) so you want them towards the top of the container. If you choose a glass jar, you’ll be able to see the roots making their way through the compost, which is a bonus learning advantage.
The wheat grass seeds need to be soaked in cool water for around 12 hours (overnight). They may start to sprout, which the children will love to spot. Once they’ve soaked, you can sprinkle over the compost layer and leave in daylight to grow.
If you keep the soil moist by spraying with water a few times during the day, your seeds will grow extremely quickly (2-3 days for sprouts, though the roots begin earlier) - and you’ll have your gloriously green and nutritious centrepiece ready in around a week - winner!