Nature Wands

We sprinkled a little magic over a crafty afternoon this week making nature wands from the treasures discovered outdoors on our walk home from school.

It all began with a glorious, lichen-laden stick claimed with gusto - and instigating a clamour from the less eagle-eyed siblings as it was swooshed and swirled (swish-flick, “wingardium leviosa” for the HP fans). Placating the others we agreed to search for our own wand components and return home to create something just as wonderful.

Our dining table was covered in leaves, seed heads, grasses, berries and sticks and we all got to work choosing the most spell-binding mixtures to tie on to our wands. As ever with such creative nature-play, they are all as different as they could be - each one a reflection of the owner in some way - but equally as enchanting.

I helped to tie on the twine so that the additions were securely fastened and snipped the ends of stalks to neaten with my trusty (rusty) secateurs. We were armed with our wands and spent the afternoon turning each other into frogs.

Inspiration for the weekend perhaps?