October 2019 - Autumn Photoshoot

Once again we welcomed the fabulous Faye (https://www.fayehatton.co.uk) to Shropshire for a photoshoot with our team of young dengineers and a list of new products awaiting her visual mastery. The weather forecast was ominous, but a bit of rain never stopped us, so we stepped into our wellies and the woodland beyond Den Kit HQ.

Amongst the products in front of the camera this month were our range of ‘little kits’ - fun activities inspired by nature, and designed with festive stockings in mind. Check out the children waving their painted flags - they had *so* much fun and even now the flags reside with pride next to their beds and tied to the treehouse.

Children running in field during The Den Kit Co. Autumn photoshoot
We love seeing our products being enjoyed, and we know that it’s really important for our customers too - they help us to visualise our own children playing, give us ideas of how the products can be used, prompt memories and generally make us feel good. We don’t use professional models - the children that feature are all friends or have become friends since they’ve met on shoots. They are growing as we do.


"It is always one of my favourite work days being asked to do a Den Kit shoot, Jo and Kay are amazing ladies and such good company their camaraderie (and delicious lunches) are one of the many highlights. As a lover of Forest school and the adventure the kids get out of it, I was thrilled to first see these kits - I think they should be issued to all schools across the country, as they can be used in an urban environment as much as in the natural world. They spark the imagination of the little ones in a way that many toys and play things can’t.
I look forward to the shoots with anticipation of what the new product will be and how the children will react to it. The delight the children take in the kits just shines through so all I have to do is document their fun, laughter and total absorption in their play.
Working outdoors is my passion and I love natural light so to combine this with a fabulous product, creative clients and some fab children and pooches it’s just a dream job!"

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