Super Seasonal Seed Bombs to Mini Meadows!

Throwing, breaking up or digging ‘seed bombs’ (or balls) into areas in your garden that need a little brightening up is a perfect way of spending an early autumn afternoon!

You can plant a pot, flowerbed, wildflower patch or a complete meadow and by sowing wildflowers you will be supporting a wide range of insects by providing vital food resources and shelter.

Planting seeds

All you need is

  • Meadow flower seeds or seeds collected from your garden and hedgerows.
  • A little compost (peat-free remember).
  • Clay soil or powdered clay from a craft shop.
  • Water

To create your seed bombs: mix together a cup of wildflower seeds with several cups of compost and sticky clay soil. (You can add clay or clay powder if your soil doesn’t stick). Gently mix in a little water with your hands until everything sticks together. Roll the mixture into firm balls. Leave the balls to dry in a sunny spot.

To do the most good and the least harm, choose only wildflowers native to your area, as these will be useful to local bugs and birds.

The fun bit is to throw the seed bombs or scatter them onto bare patches of your garden. I’m creating a mini meadow along one side of my lawn.  It’s going to look fabulous next year.

Helen Howes September 2019

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This article has been written by our lovely friend Helen, a Sustainability Consultant and Forest School Practitioner with over 30 years experience working with learners from preschooler to adult.

Helen is in her element making woodland cocktails and mud pies with both young and old, is an inspirational Forest School Leader and Outdoor Educator, and has received much positive feedback for the quality of the learning she initiates.

She will be sharing more of her favourite outdoor activities in this month-by-month blog titled “From the Forest”.

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