Pumpkin Hunt

Today’s prompt comes from indoors. It wasn’t the intention today (and I don’t want you getting used to it now) - but after a full day outdoors at the *fabulous* @woodlandpack yesterday, we changed plans and relished the dryness of our home for the day.

We went for a seasonal twist for our hunt, and painted 69 cheerful orange pumpkins - numbered on the reverse side (cue: number learning - don’t tell the kids). We then cut them out and dispatched Daddy to hide them around the house, whilst we made 69 numbered circles on a large piece of paper.

The children, pawing the ground, were then unleashed to uncover the pumpkins and bring them back their respective numbers on our sheet. We made it fair by allowing an equal number for each child - the eldest helping the youngest when his were found.
Children play indoor pumpkin hide and seek counting game
A recommended half term game for indoors or out. I just wonder if we’ll uncover the lost 2 pumpkins before we find the 3 mini Easter eggs missing from April’s hunt...