Winter Outside

A child enjoying the winter snow
So we know that 'outside is the bestside', but when the temperatures drop and it’s all a bit BRRR, how do we resist the urge to hibernate?
The secret to embracing winter outdoors is to dress appropriately, keep moving, keep fed and know when to call it quits.
1. Dress Appropriately. Layers are the key. We invested in merino base layers in last year’s sales - I’m now a convert. Waterproof trousers too (for adults as well as children) are game changers - with these you can kick the slush, slide on the mud, jump in the puddle and lie in the snow. All worthy activities. Keep your head warm (fleece-lined hats avoid the dreaded wool-itch), wear thick socks and get some waterproof gloves on all the fingers.
2. Keep moving. Don’t get cold in the first place - so avoid hanging around watching those children, and run around with them! A long walk, some Winter Olympics (think snowball target-practise or sledging) or outdoor PE (try before you mock) are all great ways to keep the blood pumping.
3. Keep fed. Tummies filled with slow-burn calories will keep bodies warmer for longer. Porridge with honey is a winner here on a winter morning - as is a thermos of hot chocolate outside at break-time. You could even light a fire and try making damper-bread or toasting some marshmallows.
4. Know when to call it quits. For us, this is when it stops being fun - for any one of us. Keep going when someone has had enough, and you risk putting them off going out next time.
Though being outdoors in the winter takes a little more preparation and a lot more clothing than the summer months - there are so many fabulous opportunities for fun and for learning and you’ll never regret making that effort.