Colour Collecting

An absorbing Autumn activity is colour collecting - which is a super-easy and fun thing to do after school in your garden, a park or just on the walk home.

Colour Collecting

First you need to cut a strip of card - time to pilfer from your recycling bin - and stick on a piece of double-sided sticky tape (or you can use paper clips for a reusable fastening). Glue, or flour and water would also work (but might end up being a bit messy!).

Exploring the colours of nature and using double sided tape to record the colours you find outdoors

Collect little nibbles of leaves and flowers and stick them onto your strip of tape - you can do this randomly, or group together into colours, even make a rainbow if you fancy. It’s another activity that all ages can enjoy (winner). We made three nature colour charts - greens, fiery autumn colours and pinks. It was like a colour treasure-hunt - and in the little bit of afternoon sun it was the perfect end to the school day.

We hope you enjoy it too! What colours can you find?  

Remember: be careful to only take a little bit of a growing leaf or flower so that you don’t diminish the display.