Conker People

Why not have a go at these cheerful little forest folk - we had so much fun making them! So simple and yet they appear to come alive in your hands - inspiring a lovely half hour of imaginative play for my youngest wildling.

We’re looking forward to watching as they change and age as they begin to dry out and crinkle (I empathise).

Conker People

We used a windfall apple cut in half to provide a stable base, into which we poked a straight-ish stick. We then just tore, poked or cut (depending on who was doing it)  a little hole in the leaves to build the body tower.  The conkers were fresh so the pulp was easy to make holes in for a face and neck - and we finished off with a flash of gold pen to give those hilarious expressions

The inspiration for these came from @damiela_behr_fotogalerie via our friend @lovely_old_things_. Thanks to both! 

Do tag us if you give this a go - we’d love to see how yours turn out...