Leaf Matching

Raiding the recycling for cardboard and uncovering a previously mislaid old bag of pegs gave us the raw materials for another simple, seasonal nature-hunt activity.

Eldest boy (resident mathematician) and his protractor very ably located the centre of the circles and split each into eight equal ‘slices’. We then had a lovely messy time mixing autumnal paint colours, one for each segment of our circle. Youngest merrily collected leaves to match the colours, deftly pegging the corresponding leaf to complete the challenge - very proud she was too. This was on the way to school, and we *just* made it in time for the bell.

The older boys had the more difficult challenge of locating the right leaf, with their circle being split into different tree names. I was pleased they were able to identify eight tree leaves - actually we realised there could have been more - and I wondered if I could have done so back when I was 7.

So, there we have it - a simple little nature challenge for all ages and abilities, perfect for half term rambles.