Hedgehog Love

It’s a distressing fact that the population of hedgehogs in the UK has rapidly decreased over recent years - most likely due to the loss of habitat.

Those that remain are increasingly reliant on our gardens - with urban hedgehogs actually increasing in number (unlike their rural cousins). This means that they need our help and protection - by providing food, water and shelter.

Food & Water - tinned cat or dog food can be left out (not the fish-based varieties), or crushed dried cat/dog biscuits. Specialist hedgehog food can also be sourced if you have regular visitors. A shallow bowl of fresh water is also essential - and never feed a hedgehog milk.

Hedgehog Love

Shelter - making a hedgehog home would make a wonderful half-term project and is a great way to attract hedgehogs into your garden. There are plenty of websites offering ‘how to’ instructions - essentially you will need a sturdy wooden box with a tunnel entrance, that is weather-proof. Camouflaging it makes it less obvious to predators and dried leaves, hay or straw inside will increase its hog-appeal.

Are you lucky enough to have spotted a hedgehog in your garden?