Listen to the Rain

How do you feel walking in the rain? I bet you don’t feel terribly mindful – You want to get to your destination as quick as possible. The last thing on your mind is to slow down and actually enjoy the moment.

What would it actually feel like to engage the senses as you would when walking in the sun? Nature takes on a different perspective in a shroud of mist and water.



For a start, rain creates a distinctive acoustic experience. It gives a sense of perspective and shape to the world. Rain gives more of a sense of place – hear how the sound changes as you walk over soft ground compared to stone. What sounds do you hear under a tree canopy or in an urban environment?

Observe how the rain reflects sound. Close your eyes for a moment and notice the acoustic environment around you.

Look at the patterns and shapes that rain can make within nature. Water splashes and drops on different surfaces – notice the water drops forming on a leaf, bouncing off a pond, or a puddle forming on the ground.

Notice how the light changes around you. See how a dark brooding sky can change to a bright sunny vista. Notice the sheen on a pavement, or how glistening drops subtly changes the hue of foliage. 

As described in a previous post, on the smells of nature, there is a particular aroma associated with rain especially after a summer shower. Can you notice certain smells during a shower? Maybe some smells are enhanced, others may be reduced.

Feel the physical sensation of rain on your skin. How does this sensation change in heavy rain compared to a fine mizzle. Notice the sensation of your clothes becoming wet.

Finally, engage with your fifth sense yet to be explored – taste. Just enjoy the experience of the pure water dripping into your mouth. 

Finally, take a deep breath and be in the moment with your feelings and sensations.

So, being in the rain can be a mindful and enjoyable. Becoming mindful in what could have been an unpleasant experience can be a way to foster resilience in yourself going forward in life.

Therefore, just slow down, be at peace with yourself and engage with one of nature’s wondrous experiences.