Mud Faces

A Forest School classic, making mud faces requires absolutely nothing but nature, and imagination. This makes it a winning ‘up your sleeve’ idea for brightening up a dreary autumn day, wherever you find yourself.

First up is some satisfying, sensory mud-making. If it’s dry, then you’ll need to add water to your soil in order to mix up a gooey consistency - not too runny, but certainly wet enough to scoop up and stick on your chosen surface. My three love to create their mud-art on a tree trunk, but they could just as easily use the floor (outdoors, obvs.).

Muddy face made out of mud and flowers

We then simply look around us and forage for facial features - acorns, sticks, leaves, stones, petals - anything that inspires. We add these to our mud faces and watch them come alive! Why not set a challenge for the children to create certain facial expressions - can they make a halloween scary face, or a laughing one or even a self-portrait?

Muddy face

If you’ve made yours during a dry spell, or well-sheltered from the rain, you can return to your faces in a day or so, and see how they’ve changed as the mud has dried. We experimented with using bird-food in the hope that our faces would encourage our local feathered friends to feast on our faces. Which sounds painful, but I like alliteration

However you spend your precious Sunday, try not to be put off by the autumn drizzle and greyness. There’s fun to be had outdoors.