Nature Crowns

If you, like us, can’t resist collecting all the colours and textures and shapes that autumn has to offer in glorious abundance - you’ll no doubt have a pile of the prettiest leaves, or feathers, seeds heads or the seeds themselves.

A fine way to put these treasure to use is by making a nature crown - a headdress to show off those colours and make the wearer feel like King or Queen of the woodland!

The really great thing about these sorts of activities, is that there are no rules and children can use their own imaginations, and feel proud of their own creations.

No rules - but a few top tips:

  • The band should be relatively thick so that it is sturdy enough to take the weight of any additions.
  • Try to avoid sellotape - it’s single-use plastic and it doesn’t really work on natural materials. Instead go for a PVA glue, or staples.
  • Decorate your crown whilst still flat - don’t curl it round a little head until it is finished and dry.
  • Heavy objects might be more tricky to adhere to the band. More ambitious crowns can fail as a result of poor balance or too much weight - though this makes for a great science lesson!

We hope you enjoy making your crowns, and the imaginative play that wearing them might inspire. Inevitably, the wearer of the crown in this photo chose to rehearse her rendition of the songs of Frozen 2…