If you’re lucky enough to have a tree in your garden, or you live near to one that is in public space,  we’re advocating getting to know that tree a little better. 

You can do this in loads of different ways, across a full year of seasons and in all weathers. You can tweak the activities so that it appeals and challenges all age groups - and we bet you’ll learn almost as much as your child! 

Kids playing outside around a tree

Some ideas:

Bark and leaf rubbings - feel the textures, note the parts of the leaves and think about their role in protecting and feeding the tree.

Seed collecting - how does your tree reproduce? How have those seeds evolved to disperse? Why not try planting one - or make a collection, a sketch, a collage.

Habitat spotting - trees are hosts for huge numbers of wildlife, and sustain many more. See if you can spot the signs of a tiny invertebrate ecosystem, or bird nesting, maybe even evidence of a squirrel or rodent. 

Some people believe that it is possible to hear noises from inside a tree - nature’s heartbeat - using a stethoscope. Would that be a wonderful moment to share?

Choosing just one tree to follow through the seasons is a wonderful way to connect with your local ecosystem and you’ll be sure to learn a huge amount about our largest plant life. If nothing else, giving one a hug will make you feel good. Try it!