Though it's definitely getting chillier, eating outdoors is a perpetual winner and special treat for children.


We like 'finishing off' sausages (pre-cook to avoid undercooking), baking potatoes in foil (again, pre-cooked if you haven't got lots of time) or just toasting marshmallows.  You can be loads more adventurous that that of course - we've a Dutch oven which I have been experimenting with this year and now adore - but sometimes the simple favourites are all you need.

Eating in the wild does require some prior planning and the necessary skills to ensure a fun and above all SAFE adventure. 

However, with the necessary precautions, it needn't be restricted to summer days and barbecues.  For us, a campfire is the very best place for conversation - and the night sky in autumn can be truly mesmerising (if light pollution near you allows).

What are your campfire food favourites?