Rock Cakes - simple to make, quick to bake and properly tasty to eat

Rock Cakes

The taste of childhood? Our rock cake recipe is simple enough for young bakers to master - and absolutely delicious!

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Bug Hotel

Making a Bug Hotel

Make your outdoor space more bug-friendly by building them a home filled with nooks and crannies, made using natural and man-made materials and a t...

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Summertime Ice Play

Summertime Ice Play

Looking for a simple but thoroughly absorbing play hack for a sunny day? We add nature and science to make a cooling winner for all ages.

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Mary Berry Simnel Cake recipe

Simnel Cake

An introduction to a delicious tradition - we bake a Simnel cake and learn about its origins.

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Spring flowers arrangement in egg shells

Egg Box Blooms

Don't waste those empty egg shells! Why not paint them and use as miniature vases for some beautiful spring blooms? The perfect Easter activity!

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Child arranges spring flowers - daffodils, tulips, hyacinth

Flower Arranging

Children love to imitate adults - and this mindful activity will be sure to leave everyone feeling calm and content.

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A child with a den kit walks into the woods to play with dens & nature

How to go Den Building

We ponder the instinctive human urge to build shelters - and offer a shortlist of essentials when your family is planning a den-building adventure.

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Children using mallets bashing charcoal to make natural paint

Charcoal Paint

Make your own paint and repeat history using just charcoal and oil - this is a great way to make outdoor art and learn about our ancestors whilst y...

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Evergreen trees

Evergreen Walk

Celebrate the resilience of our evergreen trees during a winter walk - we look at the ways evergreens have adapted to harsh conditions and admire t...

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St. Brigid rush crosses

St. Brigid

We learn about St Brigid and celebrate Imbolc - the awakening of the earth - by making traditional rush crosses.

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A list of five seasonal February activities

5 Small Things - February

Writing a list of five seasonal activities at the start of each month has become a habit in our family and one we’ll keep sharing with you all - ...

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A child enjoying the winter outside with a hot drink

Winter Outside

So we know that 'outside is the bestside', but when the temperatures drop and it’s all a bit BRRR, how do we resist the urge to hibernate?  ...

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A kid painting

Moon Phase Painting

We’re only a day away from the first NEW MOON of 2021 - which explains why it’s been hard to spot our best-known natural satellite for a day or s...

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Children enjoy ice lanterns

Ice Lanterns

'I like the way the natural bits glow - they look like they’re living in the ice!' - S age 7   'They’re nearly gone now. They’re melting ‘cos i...

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Original Den Kit

Happy Holidays!

We will be closing our workshop and office this year from 23rd December until 4th January. We will still be taking orders on our website, however w...

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Hot Chocolate Stirrers

Hot chocolate stirrers.

Today’s festive activity come to you courtesy of our lovely colleague Caroline - and her scrumptious daughter. It’s a goody. Easy and gloriously ...

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