The Den Kit Co. wrapping costs £5 per gift, which includes your personalised message card

It’s a wrap!

We will hand-wrap your gifts in our beautiful, tree-printed paper, tie them up with string and add your chosen message onto one of our sweet, snowy...

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boy eats delicious cake

Raspberry Cakejack

Raspberry Cakejack I thought we’d share a favourite recipe- adapted here to celebrate our glorious glut of autumn fruiting raspberries.  Taken from...

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Broomstick for Hallowe’en role-play


Making real tools from natural objects and getting children involved with this process has always been a passion of ours.

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Mini painted pumpkin counting game

Pumpkin Hunt

A recommended half term game for indoors or out. I just wonder if we’ll uncover the lost 2 pumpkins before we find the 3 mini Easter eggs missing f...

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A jar of honey roasted pumpkin seeds

Honey Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

  In the 80’s my mum used to sit with me and make jewellery out of the scooped out and rinsed pumpkin seeds.  I have vivid memories of being adorne...

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a pig made of apples - Autumn craft activities for children

Apple Pigs

These cheerful little pigs are an unusual sweet treat for the birds - and super fun to make! They’re also a good way to use up windfall or tired ol...

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Apple cake slices on a tray

Cinnamon Apple Slice

Another winner for an autumn after-school snack, or served with cream/custard for pudding. Easy enough to make whilst multitasking - or with an ...

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two children walk through the woods

An Autumn Walk

If you’re like me, that urge to get myself and my children out into nature has never felt stronger. Science now proves that walking in a natural en...

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Paper cutout of butterfly image with box hedging behind

Butterfly Window

This play prompt is a favourite - all it takes is a piece of cardboard (the recycling bin calls again), and a little bit of fiddly scissor-use. On...

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whittled stick santa nature craft activity for children


Creative, therapeutic and immensely satisfying - as well as sufficiently ‘grown-up’ to spark the interest of the most reluctant.  Introducing your...

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child uses scissors to snip natural foliage, herbs and flowers to make nature confetti

Nature Confetti

This is a useful little play prompt to help absorb young children if a little bit of headspace is required…

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Child is hunting for spiders in the garden


Autumn is the perfect month for spotting spiders outside (and inside too) - as the start of ’spider season’ commences. For a young explorer this of...

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Children making bird food from mud, berries and seeds

Make a Pizza for the Birds

Bird feeding can be fun all year round - and is a great way to tempt nature nearer. We love making mini pizza mud pies and decorating them with se...

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Creative craft activities with conkers and leaves in the Autumn. Lovely outdoor activity to do with children threading leaves onto a stick

Conker People

Why not have a go at these cheerful little forest folk - we had so much fun making them! So simple and yet they appear to come alive in your hands...

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Educatiuonal activity for the under fives, matching autumn leaves to a circle of colours for colour matching and language development

Leaf Matching

Raiding the recycling for cardboard and uncovering a previously mislaid old bag of pegs gave us the raw materials for another simple, seasonal natu...

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Mindful and creative Forest School Activity exploring the colours of nature

Colour Collecting

An absorbing Autumn activity is colour collecting - which is a super-easy and fun thing to do after school in your garden, a park or just on the wa...

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Children playing outside around a giant tree


If you’re lucky enough to have a tree in your garden, or you live near to one that is in public space,  we’re advocating getting to know that tree ...

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Buiding a mini shelter for a toy gives kids time to play outside & learn the basis of architecture

Mini Shelters

After school this week, why not set your child the challenge of building a mini-shelter for a favourite toy?

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A beautiful display of autumn leaves arranged in a pattern of natural art

Autumn Leaf Art

Now is the perfect time to collect autumn leaves and wonder at the extraordinary range of beautiful colours.

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Weaving natural objects including berries, feathers and shells

Nature Weaving

A beautiful and satisfying way to display natural autumnal treasures is by weaving a nature loom. Weaving is an ancient craft; the interlacing of t...

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Forest School activity making muddy faces out of mud and flowers and seeds and nuts. An outdoor activity for children

Mud Faces

A Forest School classic, making mud faces requires absolutely nothing but nature, and imagination. This makes it a winning ‘up your sleeve’ idea f...

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a hedgehog in autumn leaves . Build a home for a hedgehog with your children to help this little creature the British Hedgehog. Help prevent this species from becoming extinct.

Hedgehog Love

It’s a distressing fact that the population of hedgehogs in the UK has rapidly decreased over recent years - most likely due to the loss of habitat.

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the rain drips ontpo a tree and we enjoy sensory play with children outside Mindfulness with children

Listen to the Rain

How do you feel walking in the rain? I bet you don’t feel terribly mindful – You want to get to your destination as quick as possible. The last thi...

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