B&LLA Award Finalists

B&LLA Award Finalists

The National Trust Nature Hideaway Kit and the Ed Stafford Shelter Kit make it amongst the glitterati as B&LLA Award Finalists. Rewarding excel...

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a girl climbing a leafy tree

Climbing trees

Children love to climb trees - they appear to be magnetically pulled upwards when they discover a branch beckoning up to them. Happily, it is reall...

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Forest School making music in the forest with natural materials

Wind Chimes

I am always amazed by the joy on children’s faces when you quieten them down and ask them to listen for an extended period of time to the music of ...

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Gift of the year 2020 - Finalist

Spring Fair

Our fabulous new trade stand travelled to the NEC Birmingham on 1st February in time for Spring Fair - heralding our chance to entice, impress, ama...

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blinfolded boy feels the bark of a tree

Make friends with a tree!

Whilst you’re out and about during our autumn days find a small copse of trees or a woodland glade, as a base, for this fun little challenge.

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Muddy art creative fun

Earthy Art

As summer fades away we often have some surprisingly heavy rainstorms.  Just last week while I was out walking with my two dogs in a torrential dow...

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Forest School activity observing clouds

Clouds in your skies!

It's summertime and blue skies with bright sunshine may well be what you have wished for. This month we have certainly had plenty of blue-sky days ...

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Mud pies in wild mud kitchens - mud play for children is always a winner

Summer mud pies

How about this? A summer pie in a pot!  A group of my young neighbours came up with this idea and I love it. Using an old kitchen cooking pot or fo...

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From the forest making pancakes with elderflowers

Elderflower Pancakes

For me, a true sign that summer has arrived is when the sweet- smelling elder is in flower. It’s flat topped clusters of beautiful, tiny, creamy-wh...

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Birds nest woven out of natural materials

Nest building materials

For good behaviour, our young puppy was given one of his favourite treats today – the cardboard tube from the centre of a toilet roll! Out into the...

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Camouflage den building girl in camo paint.

Wildlife Den

Spring is an excellent time to watch wildlife, as many birds and mammals are often so absorbed in their preparations of finding a mate, claiming te...

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